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Moon Event

[Oh hey, there's a cat. It's a white cat chewing on a slice of pizza. That's not weird at all.]


[To everyone]
I've been here for two years..
That's almost as long as my current contract.
What of you? How long have you been here?

[To Magnus]
I'm still up for a drink. A slice of pizza would be more welcome. What do you say?
I'm bored and you're bored. I haven't accompanied a warlock in a while anyway.

[K, C.C. barely has any CR and she really needs some responses. Why not hit her up? Plz? ; ;  I must bring her back to life. /derp]


[C.C. wakes up from sneaking into Lelouch's comfy bed, only to find it empty. There is a silence, her hand touching the spot where his face would have been, her face cold, smooth. Eventually this falls away to a soft, sad smile. Her boy has gone to his fate, a fate that will be painful for them both, but a fate that will make the world they know so much better..

Perhaps this is a preperation for that long goodbye.

Either way, she's thankful...

But that doesn't stop her from holding her hand against that pillow, pulling the covers over her in that half-darkness.]


[ C.C. sits outside holding Cheese-kun, blinking at the snow. She has mixed feelings about snow. ]

It's snowing again, I see. So there is some sort of balance here.

Video Post 2

[briefly stares at herself]

Well, isn' this ironic?
I thought I was beyond being the stereotypical one?
Well, at least I haven't changed.

[Yes, C.C. is dressed like a Witch. Though she technically already is one, now she's the typical fancified version, the ones that stir cauldrons and ride Broomsticks. And yes, C.C. has a broomstick. ]

Voice Post

Apparently there's something that's supposed to be uncovered. Are you all busy whimpering about the 'event' or are you actually making yourselves useful and going into the Castle itself?
Scared of adventuring alone so you bring a group?

[Note; C.C. is interested in exploring the Floating Castle, particularly uncovering information on the Overlord or whatever force propels her and others in this world. She's not going to openly ask anyone to join her, but this is the post where you have the option of exploring it with C.C.]

Dream 18

( See how deep the bullet lies. ) Collapse )

[C.C. stares blankly at the Dreamberry, before sleepily pulling the covers over her head. Her stomach feels empty, and she's not sure it's from hunger. She really wants pizza right now. ]