I am Immortal, I have inside me blood of Kings

I have no rival, no man can be my equal.

I want your horror
and I want your design,
cause you're a criminal as long as
you're MINE

"and i will make you say my NAME,
say it softly, say it tenderly, like
i am your QUEEN,"

age is unknown. is immortal.
gave Lelouch the Geass.
..and also a good deal of torment.

played by

aeri cutoutxmiracle
no she is not c.c., though she would like her pretty hair.
the end.
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"Was a long and dark december, from the rooftops I remember..there was snow. White snow."
being a sarcastic bitch, being a sexy witch, charles, cheese-kun, contracts, eating pizza, immortality, laziness, lelouch vi britannia, marianne, pink lancelots, pizza hut, suzaku, taunting kallen, that's why i'm c.c.-ing, the code, tormenting lelouch, wanting to die etc